Carlene Awarded For ‘Outstanding Contribution’ to the Dancehall industry

Carlene Smith popular know as Carlene, Jamaica’s first “Dancehall Queen” was recently awarded for her outstanding contribution to the Dancehall industry.

She was crowned Dancehall Queen in 1992 after she and her crew competed against well-known models in Jamaica. There had been other Dancehall Queens before her but she started the national spotlight on a reign that was usually isolated to the Jamaican garrisons.

On Sunday (October 30th), Carlene along with 7 other Jamaican women was awarded at the 1st annual “Queens of Reggae Island Honorary Ceremonies” for their outstanding contribution to Dancehall.

“I am elated and honoured to be selected among these outstanding and great women, including the (Entertainment and Culture) Minister Olivia ‘Babsy’ Grange, Sister Nancy, a legendary dancehall artiste, and Audrey “Goodas” Farquharson, dancehall fashion designer,” Carlene said, adding that “This honorary event is a great initiative for the Dancehall/Reggae Industry in Jamaica, especially being that this industry is a male-dominated space… this will help to highlight the creativity and hard work of women in the performing arts field who are not recognized enough for their work.”

Smith was featured in several music videos in the 90s and played a starring role in the 1992 dancehall Chaka Demus & Pliers Murder She Wrote video wearing a gold outfit and white wig.

Smith was also featured in the 1997 edition of Vibes magazine on the bottom of Page 52. Where she was credited for the International Butterfly Dance and explains her endorsement of Slam Condoms.

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