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Olivia Babsy Grange Tells Bolt There Is “No Need For Apology”

The Honourable Olivia Grange, minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment, and Sport, has issued the following statement after day 10 of competition at the IAAF World Championships in London. Minister’s Statement follows: “Today, we witnessed the final act in the competitive athletic career of Usain Bolt. It didn’t go according to …

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SAD: Usain Bolt Down, Injured, In Tears As The Men’s 4x100m Failed To Medal- World Championships

Jamaica Men’s 4x100m did not finish at the IAAF World Championships in London. Bolt, left chasing the British and US anchor leg runners, comes to a stuttering, staggering halt halfway down the straight, dropping the baton before performing a forward somersault. This was a challenge too far for him, and …

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