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Until they bring back hanging in Jamaica crime won’t reduce its only gonna get worst Smh . It’s horrible

Ok watch this Weh the Jamaica detective dem deh? One this guy don’t rob the man two start questioning the wife because 70% of these murders in Jamaica the spouses are behind them, trust me I know.

Hanging won’t deter crime, it never has and it never will. 846 inmates are on death row waiting to be executed in the state of California yet still they are in the top 7 highest murder rate column. The Jamaican people & Government need to start working together, but the… Read more »

Suh uno nuh hear seh him kill a man in 2011 to…no robbery or ntn…a sumn him do…naw seh it right fi tek a life but….


If you don’t want to be killed, why do you kill then. No kill people unless you no mind getting killed. Simple