Cecile and Danielle D.I. fights for “Bad Gyal” Title

Danielle D.I. called herself ‘Bag Gyal D.I,’ during an interview recently and Cecile the dancehall artiste got upset. It is clear that she believes she was the first to use the title and should not be used by anyone else. So they both had a brief spat on social media , as Cecile says she was the first artiste to claim the title and other artistes should seek to be original. 

Apparently Cecile was the first to post on social media, she said when she started saying ‘bad gyal’ no one had ever used it before, and she went on to say she had seen other artistes use the name sometimes, but they had never claimed it. But it seems as if Danielle D.I. had claimed that she was the original ‘Bad Gyal’. 

She even added: “But when you do an interview and say that you are the original or official then clearly you are not. I hope the voice is no auto tune neither. I am just saying put some respeck on my name. At least give credit because Google don’t lie.”
And when Danielle D.I. heard about the Cecile’s post she quickly responded, making hurtful remarks of her own. She even strayed from the topic, saying Cecile was miserable since her high profile relationship with another entertainer failed to materialize. 
Bad How?
And then Danielle D.I. said “Dear little Cinderella, this a bad gyal D.I. Yes, I did say it on Hype TV last Friday night and I will continue to say it. You are not bad gyal. Bad gyal how? Furthermore, no one sees or considers you BAD in the 1st place, so no need for the SHADE,” 
“For your information, YES, Class have autotune, and so do many many hit songs in the world. This is why the industry can’t grow. Instead of building another female you’re trying to break one down. Back in the days I THOUGHT you were cool, we did a collab together and it was all good. What the hell happened you? What made you so angry? Are you angry cause Mr you know who not putting the respect on your NAME,” she added.

After that several attempts were made to get a comment from Ce’Cile but there was no response from her. However, after she was  made aware of Danielle D.I.’s controversial response, she backpedaled on her comments asking Danielle D.I to delete her post.
“Try go delete it.” Danielle D.I. said, Me nah even read it cause you know I show you love. The post is not about you, you need to read it,” she responded.

Danielle D.I.’s publicist, was contacted, but she would not comment. However, she said that both artistes had a discussion.
Cecile and Danielle D.I. were once industry friends, and even worked on a song together, they called it “Turn Him On,” it was done more than eight years ago. So we hope they will be able to work out their differences somehow.

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