Check Out: Ankh Atum Jagga, New Album “The Truth”

A Nubapean (Nubian born of parents in Europe) specifically english, a multilayered being in expression and make up.
his music is drawn from personal experiences and his torment with his mental illness ( Ethic post traumatic stress disorder). being from the diverse culture and heritage of his parents he has been uprooted from place to place,
From Europe where he was born back to nubian (Africa) where he was conceived and where his parents stem from.

He experienced the Agonies of a broken family that is under persecution from internal conflicts within his parents country (Uganda).

Incidents of racial prejudice also manifested in his life upon his return to Europe (England, united kingdom).

He feels alienated by particularly western Negroes during his secondary schooling where exposure to racial tension

based upon his ethnicity being better pronounced in the component of being also nubian,and,not just european.


It has taken him a good fifteen years to horn in these vibrations.
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An extraordinary self-taught instrumentalist as felt through out his offerings “THE TRUTH 2014″lyrically its fresh to hear someone expressing emotions but perhaps not in the normal,impulsive or rather disrupting manner.

Ankh Atum Jagga, New Album title The Truth.

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