Check Out This Response To Twin Of Twins Saying Vybz Kartel “Mhm Hm” Was Inspired by Them [Video]

Dancehall duo Twin Of Twins says Vybz Kartel “Mhm Hm” was inspired by them. The Twins made the comment in a recent interview with Ja. Radio. They made it clear that this is not an attack on Vybz Kartel but just wants credit for the slang.

Now Popular YouTube Vlogger Amari Deraisx has shared his views on the Twins comment in the video above. #Credit:  Amari Deraisx

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Gazaaaaa fe life ca stop him

Oh lorttt

ppl all over the world uses this phrase a swear smh

Mi 6 years old son say it all the time till when kartel song come out mi affi laugh and seh a u write kartel song lolol it’s Jamaican thing

Mhm hmm it sweet too d belly years kartel seh dat inna nough song