Chilando Leave Racism Out Dancehall

Recently Chilando the “Life Too Short” singer came under a cyber attack on youtube of fans asking why there’s not one black girl in his new music video “Boom Bounce” released 8th of January. He explained to us that he reached out to Dhq Nekeisha to do a viral video last year upon the release of the song but both entertainers timing was off.

The Badd Fyah Dance Crew from Europe came here and we decided to do the video on the second day after there arrival. The dancers professional level is way up it shows in the video, give them credit for coming so far to support dancehall. Chilando further states all over the world different countries embrace our culture and dancehall reggae is not for one race, our motto states “Out Of Many One People”. Alot of the Dancers in Kingston are gaining from workshops here and in European countries teaching dancehall and growing brand Jamaica.

Next thing the less confusion is better for me because at the time i saw the tention between Team Spice and the other Popular Dhq Dancers building up on Instagram, a mobay mi come from and i used all the dancers in a video before the mix up so I keep away from it.

Last year Chilando made a run performing at Reggae Sumfest, Mobay Crab and Jerk Fest and is now booked For Britjam 2016 “Fire In The City” with Legends Beenie Man and Bounty Killer March 10 And Also Outrage Feb 7th.

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