Chris Brown finally opens up about Beating Rihanna

Listen to these snippets from Chris Brown’s recently released documentary in which he spoke about his big fight with his then girl friend Rihanna. Chris brown gives us details never before heard about what was the cause and what actually went down in the car.

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Kimmy Toocute Taaylor your comment made laugh. Yard man nuh ramp fi lick dung gyall 🙂 🙂 anyways that was years ago dem can leave the yute now

A woman strength this punk have

Aboy go suck you mother if a did my Sista u do so me fine u an kill u

His Mom went through the same thing like what he done to that lady Rihanna

Ya”ll chill. He was young and naive . I bet he regret his action and I see that Rihanna have forgave him and they still talk to each other. Haven’t heard about another incident like that from him. People make mistakes yall .that was years ago people, stop living in… Read more »