Chronixx bashed for “Disrespectful” post on Obama’s visit

Harsh criticisms for Chronixx following “Disrespectful” post on Obama’s visit. Chronixx faced harsh criticism on social media, after a controversial post on social media on President’s Barack Obama’s visit to the island.

The Reggae Star criticised the fact that National Hero Marcus Mosiah Garvey, whom he says paved a peaceful and safe path to the United States, after being imprisoned for mail fraud in the 1900s, and still to this day, has a criminal record in that country.

Throughout his instagram post, The “Dread AND Terrible” Entertainer referred to the US President as a “Waste Man”, being glorified. He further stated: “President to address us… A race of good for nothings”.

Following his comments, social media users expressed outrage at what they deemed as “disrespectful and Out Of Line. Some fans also expressed their disappointment, saying “they never expected such a reckless post from the Reggae Star.

Following the heavy backlash, the instagram post was deleted.

He followed up with another post, expressing his love for Garvey, stating: “May the teachings of our beloved Marcus Garvey forever take root in our hearts. May the leaders of today take counsel in his divine teachings”.

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