Clevie (Steely & Clevie) Talks Poco Man Jam/”Dem Bow” + HITS w/ Tiger, Dawn Penn, Shabba etc [Audio]

Steely & Clevie can say they created dancehall as we know it. Steely played the synths, Clevie did the drum sequences. Everyone’s talking about dancehall being stolen, but I wanted to hear from the man who’s having his beat used repeatedly.

He is the architect of the Poco Man Jam riddim which popularised the drum pattern commonly known as “dem bow” (after Shabba Ranks’ song on the Poco beat). Di Genius sampled Poco Man Jam for Aidonia “Fi Di Jockey”. “Dem Bow” created reggaeton and is the drum beat heard on recent worldwide number-one smash hits ‘Sorry’ by Justin Bieber and ‘One Dance’ by Drake.

We talk creating the pivotal riddims (Punanny, Poco Man Jam/”Dem Bow” and Gi-gi) and songs (Tiger ‘When’, Dawn Penn ‘No, No, No’ and Shabba Ranks ‘Ting-a-Ling’). Main influence for Reggaeton and ‘One Dance’ + ‘Sorry’ (“I’d be happy if I got a dollar from every record sold!”). Then and now dancehall and a need for a change in music copyright law.

Clevie sums up our motive near the end. He says he doesn’t shout about his contribution unless called upon. “What is important is that the true history is propagated,” he says. “Hardly anyone mentions the creators of beats. Many times we keep a low profile and we don’t blow our trumpet ourselves. That’s just our nature so unless we are called on by persons who are able to propagate the facts, so much of what we do remains hidden.” That’s exactly what no long talk stands for.

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