Clymaxx Explains Why She Is Unhappy With Magnum

In an interview with The Star, dancehall artiste Clymax who won the 2016 Magnum Queen competition sought to explain the recent comments she made about the competition’s main sponsor.

“@magnumtonicwine unu a fight me hard eeh … unu bill star fi use dem and wen unu cya use dem unu try stifle dem,” she said in the post. “Bout unu nuh wah Clymaxx a finals tru unu did affi pay the 100g weh unu try deprive us of.”

However, Clymaxx says the relationship between herself and magnum became rocky when as per her contract she was supposed to give three free shows but was only booked for two.

“We had a disagreement where it concerned two shows they had previously booked me for. They told me that we (herself and the male winner from 2016) would not be compensated because it’s in the contract that we were supposed to (perform),” she explained. “Me never really pay it nuh mind because me never go back for the contract at that time (after the first performance). It was when they told us about the event in January me did affi go make reference to me contract because me a say how dem fi a have dem two big shows yah and dem nuh wah compensate we and it’s not a charity event.” She revealed to The Star.

This was when she reviewed her contract and saw that she was supposed to be paid $50,000 for each of the show which she was subsequentlt compensated for.

“We affi be grateful fi di fact say we a get exposure from being televised every week but at the same time it’s not an easy road after the competition. A nuff likkle opportunities we affi pass up because we can’t do work for other brands weh nuh associated with Magnum. After yuh win, yuh affi push yuh own weight because after the competition nobody nah push fi yuh.” She said.

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why now look how long she win a year now

Dem ave a sayn say di humbliest calf suck di most milk. I dont tink the contract is specially designed for u, others wud ave been subjected to similar rules. Point to note devin di dacta who is steadily striving. All contracts ave a timeline so simple gwaan suck salt… Read more »


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