Clymaxx Takes Aim At Magnum King And Queen Of Dancehall

Dancehall deejay Clymaxx took to her official Facebook account on Monday blast the Magnum King and Queen show which concluded on Saturday (May 27).

The 2016 winner of the competition Clymaxx (real name Jhennelle Barclay) was seemingly disappointed at not being a part of Saturday night line up.

“@magnumtonicwine unu a fight me hard eeeh lol…. Lol mi affi jus laugh… Unu bill star fi use dem n wen unu cya use dem unu try stifle dem…,” She wrote.
“Unu bill star fi kill star n mi nah fraid fi say it… Bout unu nuh wah Clymaxx a finals tru unu did affi pay the 100g weh unu try deprive us of. Unu lucky….. Fight all unu want mi still nah suffer…. N u Sanjay mi tink u fi enter Magnum NXT year if u really wah buss…. Lol…. N stop fight yutes.. Dat alone mia seh still n I don’t care di least bit who nuh like it.. Yu nuh c Magnum supporters came out to c Clymaxx. D hol place a wonder weh mi deh….. But it’s nt me peeps.. They didn’t want me to be apart of the show just like other Magnum winners weh dem stifle but dem jus nuh vocal like me…. Thanks fi di exposure Magnum but unu fi stop bill yutes fi kill yutes!!!!!! Aaaat dem.” She explained

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Magnum show a water dung long time,,, ur talented enough #AT_Dem

Fuckry thing dat. Hoping to see DEVIN DIDAKTA perform also.

That’s y them na get my credit way dah pan my phone .