CNN Travel List Jamaica As The Third Coolest Nation Globally

CNN Travel revealed in an online post that there is more to Jamaica than reggae and list the country as the third coolest nation globally.

In the report, CNN describes Rastafarianism as “the most kick-back religion ever invented”.

“There’s more to Jamaicans than reggae, including Rastafarian (the most kick-back religion ever invented), an accent that’s the envy of the English-speaking world and the planet’s most distinctive and recognizable hairstyle.”

“Note to backpackers: dreadlocks only cool on actual Jamaicans.”

Jamaica’s sprint legend was labelled as the Icon of cool: Usain Bolt. Fastest human ever timed and nine-time Olympic Gold medal winner.

However, the report says what makes Jamaica not so cool is “Not so cool: High murder rate and widespread homophobia.”

Brazil took the top spot as the coolest nationality, followed by Singapore.

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