CONTENDER 2017: Sakima Mullings Through To The Finals After Winning By Split Decision Over Tsetsi Davis

Jamaica’s Sakima Mullings, the No.1 seeded boxer in the 2017 Wray and Nephew Contender Boxing Series won the first semi-finals by split decision over his fellow countryman Tsetsi Davis on Wednesday.

The contest which went the allotted 7 rounds saw both boxers going toe to toe trading punches from the first round to the last second of the fight.

However, Mullings, the 2014 champion, secured a split decision over Davis, though, many fans were not happy with the decision of the judges with some claiming it was “politics.”

“Blatant politics in this competition! Davis won the match ! What the hell happened. Hope the decision is appeal. #madness” one fan wrote

“omg 😱 if it caught your attention what should I say then… The judging panel should be ashamed of themselves.. An this contender series is gonna flop if they keep on going these madness they both box well but Davis dominated the rounds more than mulling smh some bunch a batty boy them bumboclart…..😡😡😡” another fan wrote


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Rihanna foster
Rihanna foster

What the hell!!! The judges that judged the match between Tsetsi and Sakima needs two flipping box. Tsetsi won that damn match. Tru dem av Sakima name pon cheque, dem couldn’t afford fi him lose nuh fight. ‘ wah sweet nanny goat ago run him belly’