Corey Todd and Foota Hype feuding because of Masicka

In a recent video posted to his Instagram page, dancehall selector/producer Foota Hype says that Masicka is an overrated and Fully Bad is a much better artiste than Masicka.

However, in an interview with the Star, Corey Todd (Masicka Manager) suggests that Foota Hype protégé, Fully Bad should at least get a song that plays on the radio before any comparisons can be made.

“We appreciate the free promotion him a give us and all a that stuff and if your artiste find a song we’re more than happy to answer but he needs to find a song that plays on the radio first; more than one,” Todd told the star. He thinks Foota Hype is carrying feeling that stems from a larger issue.

He stated that, “From him (Masicka) do the song with Ishawna, Foota a carry ‘kitty feelings. “This whole thing with him following up Masicka is because he sees Masicka rising.”

“I understand what he’s doing and that’s fine because that’s a part of dancehall but it’s also personal because of the song with Ishawna. He just needs to get his life in order and concentrate on selecting and know he should not over do it.” Todd told the Star.

Foota Hype rebuffed Todd statement saying it is stupid because Masicka and Ishawna song went nowhere and that has nothing to do with Fully Bad being a better artiste than Masicka.

“My thing is Masicka is rated as a lyricist and as a bad deejay and I think him overrated. I think if you are the baddest deejay you must prove it pan a live stage. It has nothing to do with personal feelings.” He told the Star.

“Everybody has an opinion and if he strongly backs his opinion, prove that my artiste has no talent,” he said. “Come kill lyrically make everybody see say you did right but you can’t be bragging and boasting about something weh you cant prove; you affi go prove it.”

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