Corey Todd responds to Devin di Dakta & manager

Businessman Corey Todd has responded to the allegations levelled at him earlier this week by artiste manager Shelly Curran that he beat artiste Devin di Dakta with a belt over a diss song.

A statement released by Todd read:

“My question is : was Shelly Curran there? The answer is no and when she was told that Devin sexually assaulted a dancer, her reply was: “my Devin would never do that” and then said she had to go,” the statement read.

Todd admitted that security personnel had to forcibly remove Devin Di Dakta from the Taboo Gentlemen’s

“I’ve known Shelly for a few years and I’m very surprised by her antics. She then called me back very hysterically and emotionally saying ‘you made 20 people beat Devin, and I’m like Shelly, listen to yourself and at that point I just hung up because I knew she was trying to cover for him as a artiste manger or something else. I’m not sure but charges have been filled by the dancer he violated. Was he thrown out the club? Yes, and anyone who did what he did would be kicked out. Yes, he was forcibly removed from the compound which security has the right to do,” he said.

He suggested that Shelly Curran’s media blitz was designed to distract from the real issue: the assault of the female dancer.

“If he was beaten by so many security personnel, where is his black eye, broken arm or any proof of said beating? There is none because this is all a ploy to cover up his preverted nasty action of sexually assaulting a woman and all things will come to the light. My lawyer will be taking action to deal with the defamation of character issues regarding me and my business so Mrs. Curran can look forward to that,” he said.

Todd said that he was not aware of any diss song done by the artiste, and questioned the motives behind Curran’s actions.

“The dancer subsequently filed charges at both CISOCA and the Constant Spring police and I’m not aware of any song Devin di Dakta sings so it is ridiculous what she is saying which is all smoke and mirrors to take away from the lewd act the young man committed. Why all the interviews? Why is Devin not speaking? She is just working overtime to cover up for her Devin.”

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