Councillor Calls For Ishawna To be Banned

A councillor in Portland has called for ‘Equal Rights’ singer Ishawna to be banned from performing in the parish.

This came following Ishawna’s recent performance at a Labour Day stage show held at the Bikini Beach in Port Antonio, Portland.

“Based on the reports that I have received about her performance, she should be banned from doing future shows in this parish,” Stephen Williams told The Star.

Stephen Williams is the councillor for the St. Margaret’s Bay Division in the Portland Municipal Corporation.

During her performance, she sought to educate her female fans on how to get their partners to perform oral sex on them.

She told them to use their fingers to caress the clitoris and then place their moist finger on their partner’s lips.

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The councillor need for pay attention to the flood victims and the roads.. y him Nuh just ban all a who sing den… Ishawna did a song and is a problem.. a wah Mr councillor.. the truth hurts???????

I don’t agree with the councillor

The councillor need to pay attention to all those bad roads in Portland an The flood victims the gal throw one stone in a the hog pen and so much pig get Lick dwl

Yea me vex cause them a try cow down the girl like I say when the man them a sing it I hear nobody do these things so why the girl? Kid this song bigger than councillor mayor n mp me deh Florida n Miami it a mash up the… Read more »
This councillor man a nyam d pussy hard cause y him want banned ishawna song?? Dwl a fi are fault y u cyaan nyam d pussy good. Ishawna sing Equal Rights and justice and never call no Fowl y this councillor man take it up so..U try go focus on… Read more »