Country Man/Gully Man aka Daddy Vibez finally gets his shine!

A video posted recently on Facebook was meant to be a joke about a man many would perceive to be mentally unstable. But, after a few weeks, 2, 537 shares and more than 30,000 likes, a long-desired musical career is born.

Since the video, Unseen Talent More Lyrics than Kartel – posted first by TuffChin Records – was uploaded, Robert Malcolm, commonly called Country Man, Gully Man or even Daddy Vibez, has been hopping from studio to studio fulfilling dub plate requests as the video continues to go viral.

He has done several jingles for Hot 97’s Jabba Sound System and King Shine, based in America.

“Mi believe it, cause mi pinch mi self wah day and realise mi not dreaming. Mi feel good, mi feel like God blow a different breeze over mi, like a honey drop pon mi or something,” said an amusing Malcolm.

Most are still seeing this sudden burst of fame as comedy, but Malcolm isn’t. “A my mother (Norma) mi a do dis fah, cause when mi see how she struggle, mi affi tek dis serious,” he said.

An official release of the song, Wuk Offa Mi, will be made this week by the Tower Hill-based Frenz For Real studio. It will be Malcolm’s first professional release, although he has had a short-lived career back in the ’90s.

“Mi mash up Sumfest and Sunsplash inna 92. A Laing use to push mi thing, him a di real big man. Me and Ninja Man use to run di thing,” he recalled, while noting that at least three songs were recorded for him during that period.

Malcolm said he has no knowledge of the songs. His promising career began to fade, years later he found himself resorting to fixing fans and any sort of handyman job for residents in Grants Pen, where he resides.

“Mi use to all wash Boom Boom car and sweep up him yard. Him always pay me right,” Malcolm joked.

During all this, Malcolm never stopped deejaying. But the effects of a failed career took its toll on him. Tattered linens, unkempt hair and nails masked his talent – as community members often ridiculed his deejaying ambitions.

“People always tell me say dem style deh a one time style, but all mi can say is that ‘ole time sinting come back again’. Me never learn fi deejay, me born fi dis. My mind is like a five engine in one so me cyah stop,” he said in a determined tone.

Malcolm, a father of three, said he feels like life has given him a second chance. “The quickest food yuh nyam a from out of dancehall and right now mi feel nice again through all a dis,” he said.



listen to Gully Bop Aka Country Man – Pussy Specialist (Original Song)

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