D.I Not Surprised By Ishawna Dissing Her Mom, “She Appeals to a low life Crowd”

Dancehall artiste Danielle says she is not she is not surprised at Ishawna’s blatant disrespect of her mother.

“Go take care a yuh half dead mumma, nuh you say she a battle fi life,” Ishawna sings in her song Walking Dead.

In an interview with The Star, Danielle D.I. says she expected nothing better from Ishawna as she has no idea how to conduct herself as a mother.

“She appeals to a low life crowd with no morals, so what can I say?” D.I. said

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Kimone Pusey lol mi a dead

Dwl.. Becky Goodas wake up out a u bed n check dah comment list yah.. Woiee murder.. Tiffany Dennis say a modern days now n if u na suck cocky u na say nothing.. Girl MI rate u nuh rass.. Lol .. U make MI night
If DI cant take blow dont bother throw blow …why your mother so sick and you put so much time into ishawna …..time lost cant be regain focus on your sick mom ….ppl dont buy sickness cause u dont kno your tomorrow but if she diss ishawna then dt must… Read more »

What is a D.I?

DI mi rate you an all but don’t throw stones if you live in glass house. Lowe the gal alone n gweh.