Dancehall Artiste Gage Quits Bleaching After Gaining More Control Over His Career

Dancehall artiste Gage has quit the skin bleaching and is now more focus and developing the content of his music.

“Mi just get up one day and decide to stop bleaching my skin because gold look better pon black,” Gage said in an interview with the Star. “It was just an image and it wasn’t even my idea so now I am working with my ideas. I stopped this year, don’t remember exactly when,” he adds

Gage also revealed that the lighting of his skin was an idea employed by his former management team.

“I have more control of my things and I have people that listen to me on my team and regard my ideas as being useful,” he said.

A former member of Gage previous management team revealed that it was his idea for the artiste to lighten his skin because he wanted him to stand out.

“I created that image because I wanted him to stand out and look different from other artistes. He is his own big man now, so he can decide to stop when he wants,” said Cornelius

In the meantime, Gage is now with managed by Times Square, a management entity led by Jowey Hype.

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Be yourself and believe in yourself and be humble and you will get their minus bleaching and add clarity to your life.


Really !! Beng beng !!