D’Angel, Razor B, Keiva, Pamputtae etc… Supports Ninja Man

With the most active news in the dancehall arena being that Ninja Man was denied bail at his recent court airing fellow dancehall artistes have make it necessary to show some public support for the currently detained Ninja Man, Artistes such as D’Angel, Razor B, Keiva, Pamputtae, to name a few.

D’Angel Said:

“I’ve known Ninja Man for a long time as an artiste and he has become a mentor and a friend. He’s always there to give good advice and he’s a really good person at heart. He’s one of the best persons that I’ve met in the industry,” she said. “You want to show people respect and love while you can, and so publicly I wanted to let Ninja Man know that we are here for him, we are rooting for him and he’s not in this alone.” according to THE STAR

Also Pamputtae:

“Me affi be one a dem (that shows support) because Ninja Man a man weh bring me go studio and make me nyam food and dem ting deh, so mi affi put in my prayer. A mi godfather dat, him real to me so me just a hope and pray fi everything go good,” she said. according to THE STAR

Also Razor B, Keiva and others left touching comments online about their experience with Ninja man and what he means to them.

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him still no have no manners


A life was taken, don’t forget that ppl…

ninja is a real mentor and very entertaining artiste but hope everything works out