Deejay Food Kartel is dead

Dancehall artiste Courtney ‘Food Kartel’ Broughton is dead. He died on Wednesday. A source close to the family told Loop Jamaica that it was suspected that he had suffered a stroke on Sunday just as the island had been bracing for the impact of Hurricane Matthew.

“He was unable to receive the immediate medical attention that he needed, and a cat scan was performed on Wednesday and he died a few hours afterwards,” the source said.

Food Kartel is survived by nine children.

The comedian-artiste is known for creating spoofs of popular dancehall songs to create lyrics based on food and articulating culinary delights. Stage show patrons will remember classics like Kitchen Hero, Cook It Inna, Dumpling Tight, Brown Stew Fish and Hot Rice. The artiste’s career was marred due to legal troubles in 2011 when he was accused of carnal abuse. The case was eventually thrown out.


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