Deep Jahi gearing up for Reggae Sumfest 2017

Recording artiste Deep Jahi says he is holding firm to his moral code while traversing a musical journey that is keen on highlighting negativity and hype over good music. The former Magnum king says he will get his chance to “run the place” but it will happen because he is a good artiste and not because of some lewd act or content he performs.

“ Deep Jahi has been steadily releasing good music over the years but often times I am sidelined to make way for the artistes them that build them ting around mix up. It has been a frustrating process especially when I go in the streets and get great feedback from the fans who follow my music via social media and mix tapes. Many times they ask me how and why me not running the place because they know the quality music I do but as I always tell them I am an artiste not a politician” Stated Deep Jahi.

But according to Deep Jahi’s new publicist Karl Durrant the artiste is suffering from the harsh realities of a music industry driven by corruption.

“Without any question Deep Jahi is a very special talent and in a perfect industry he would already be a mainstream star however this is Jamaica where you can score a number one with an off key off beat track once your money is right and or gain massive media presence by doing extreme acts. Deep Jahi is a much better artiste than most of those who are being hyped up presently. Durrant bluntly stated.

Deep Jahi, who is billed for Reggae Sumfest 2017 says he plans to build on the success of previous singles such as Life Goes On and Greatness in addition to the street buzz around new releases such as Money Hunny and Much Less which features Jahmiel.

“The streets a show me love and the promoters are calling so I am positive that the airwaves will soon be forced to play Deep Jahi with the frequency the music deserves. A simple economics, demand and supply” Deep Jahi stated.

Currently Deep Jahi is busy in studio recording for various established producers while gearing up for Reggae Sumfest.
SOURCE: Karl Durrant


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