Demarco Pulls Massive Crowd in Costa Rica

Currently in Australia on a six-city tour of that continent, international dancehall superstar Demarco was nothing short of superb last weekend when he pulled out thousands of Spanish-speaking fans in Costa Rica for a pair of concerts dubbed the Black Carpe. the first for new coach Winifred ‘Winnie’ Schaefer.

Hosted in the Afro-Caribbean community of Limon, the first staging saw a large influx of over 7,000 patrons filing in to show their support for the Jamaican. Less than 30 minutes into the show, the venue was filled to capacity, forcing the promoters to close the gates. The city’s emergency services were also placed on high alert. Thankfully, there were no incidents.

After rocking the sweat-drenched audience, Demarco took time out to greet many who did not get the opportunity to see the performance.

On Sunday, the focus shifted to San José for the second staging at Club Vertigo. The line-up this time featured local stars Banton, Toledo, Ghetto, and Slam Jam.

Arriving just before midnight amid screaming fans inside a venue bursting at the seams, Demarco kicked off his performance with classics such as Duppy, Fallen Soldier, True Friends, and I Love My Life. The singer’s security detail was kept busy all night as they worked tirelessly to repel the intermittent hordes of females invading the stage.

Demarco intimated it was very gratifying to see how his fan base had grown exponentially in the Central American country since his inaugural visit in 2008.

“I expected a good crowd, but what I witnessed was amazing! When you see thousands of persons who don’t even speak the same language as you coming out to support your concert, it confirms that you are doing something right. Right now, Costa Rica is one of my favourite places to perform. But, of course, there is nowhere in the world like Jamaica.”

Currently soaring the charts globally with hits such as Money, Lazy Body, and Apartment, Demarco last Friday scored his 15th number one on the Hype TV Top 20 Video Chart with Continue Whine.

The blonde-haired singer is expected to return to the island this month in preparation for his upcoming birthday celebrations before jetting off to the Southwest Pacific French Colony of New Caledonia.

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