Controversial dancehall deejay Deva Bratt, recently began his US tour. This is the deejays first US tour, and the streets are buzzing only a week into his entrance in the United States. Deva Bratt is popularly known for hit songs like “Bag a Talking/Gussie Clarke” , and “Bungle a Gyal”. Mr. “Actually Factually” is recording under his Krucial Konflict label formed in 2009.

Look out for an exclusive interview from Deva Bratt, discussing life after Sting, new projects, and how he has maintained his lyrical eminence for all these years. Make sure your subscribed to this blog (, to get the exclusive!

Upcoming appearances:

Monday December 9 2013 Club Lux Springfield MA

Tuesday December 10 2013 Kabbalah Hartford CT

Saturday December 14 2013 Albany Manor NY

Friday January 24 2014 Vybz Lounge Fort Lauderdale FL

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