Devin Di Dakta will be pressing charges against Corey Todd… boxed and kicked

On Monday, January 18 there was a report that Devin Di Dakta was beaten after it was alleged that he had assaulted one of the dancers, in a club, however his manager ( Shelly- Ann Curran) says it is just a smear campaign. And there is video footage to prove that she is telling the truth. But it is alleged that (Corey Todd) the owner for the club, had said, “this story about the assault of the dancer would be circulated if the beating was reported to the police.”

But Curran says she will be pressing charges against Corey Todd, even though she has been receiving threats. Because there were about 12 men involved in the attack on Devin Di Dakta on the Sunday night. Some of the men boxed and kicked him while he was restrained by others.

It is a sad day for the Music business , as Devin Di Dakta was beaten by these men after he was kicked out of Tabboo Night Club on Constant Spring Road. The star, has not been able to reach Cory Todd ( The Club owner ) or his representatives , even though they have tried many times to contact them. Shelly- Ann Curran, Devin the Dakta’s Manager said the incident was reported to the Constant Spring police, but up to press time last night there was no confirmation on the matter.

Curran believes the incident is stemming from a song Devin Di Dakta recorded in 2012. It was a diss song for ” Masicka” and even though it had nothing to do with Corey , it is said that he kept on saying ” you diss mi inna song ” when they were beating Devin.
devin and corey
But it is good to hear that Devin is ready to put the whole incident behind him and move on, as he is strong and determined to have a good life. 

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