Dexta Daps Gets BANNED For Life From Best Of The Best-Jabba (See Full Story)

Radio DJ and promoter of Best of the best, Jabba has taken stern action against dancehall artiste Dexta Daps after he blamed the artiste for Mavado not performing at the event.

According to Jabba Jabba Dexta Daps refused to perform during his allotted time, claiming that he was owed US$1,000 for travelling expense for a previous event and also wanted 10 extra tickets.

The delay caused the show to run late and resulted in Mavado missing his set as the plug was pulled by law enforcement officers.

“I don’t give out money at the hotel, I do that at the venue. Why didn’t his manager come to the venue? I will never book him for another event, never ever. He could be the hottest artiste in America. A nuff things mi help dem youth deh with and dem ungrateful … I don’t want to see them, and they need to reach out to the fans and tell them the truth,” Jabba told The Star said.

The promoter also revealed that the incident made him think about cancelling next year’s staging of the event. However, Best of The Best 2018 is still on.

“Who God bless, no man curse. To the fans, I apologise. It is neither mine nor Mavado’s fault. I owed this man no money. I flew him in, provided transport, and fed him. So what US$1,000 for transport could he be speaking about?” he adds.


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If truth be told, the promoter should also take blame for what transpired. If he handled business professionally then the result would have been different.

Him own hood start fly up inna him head #smfh some of these fools knows ntn abt business as soon as them have a hit they turn ass holes

So of these people are so stupid, wrong is wrong it cant name right,this is the biggest reggae concert in America,do u know how much Jamaican dj would want to get to perform on it? These young dj is there damn own downfall.

Artist needs to perform like the first time they herd their song on the radio.

Most of these artist are in the game mostly because of money..they are not true entertainers they blighted there own career in one night