DHQ Sher involved in car crash

Just hours after awakening to the news that music producer and artiste Seanizzle, whose given name is Sean Reid, was involved in a very serious accident early Sunday morning.

The music fraternity was once again awaken to news of another motor vehicle accident, this time Dancehall Queen Sher and Dancehall Queen Tall Up who were both on their way to Philadelphia to lend support to fellow dancehall celebrity Tony Matterhorn when the car in which they were travelling hit a sign and got out of control.

DHQ Sher said they had to jump out the car as it kept sliding and they thought it would have exploded.

She took to Instagram to let her fans know that they were doing ok and thanking God for sparing their lives.

Sherdhq: Thanks guys we are okay. Trying to hold the tears in cause been crying from morning. But god your so good dawm me think we dead. In the car and i dont know me just hear boom, the air bag fly, i remember my phone drop and leaning forward to go true the windshield and grip the back seat so hard and hit my face on the back seat. But all was in mind was to make sure tall up is okay because she was in the front seat with the air bag in her face and the driver. when i look up i cant see the road the banet fly open all im seeing is smoke then the car gash fire im like omgggggggg tall up come make we jump out the car ago blow up bare in mind we dont know what part of the road we was in. The car kept on sliding and sliding no brakes no brakes at all. Me just decide say tall up we ago jump out and make a run for it and while we kick out the door we a beg god fi guide we cause we on the left side of the high way and we gonna run towards the right side we was just begging god to make us reach cross safe and we kick open the door and run out and the car was still sliding amd the driver jump out as well and tears flow and we just there thanking god.

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