DHQ Sher Talks Breast Implants & Liposculpture, Says She is “In love With Her New Pair Of Breast”

Popular Dancer, DHQ Sher is opening up to fans after recently undergoing surgery for the very first time.

Sher revealed on Wednesday that she teamed up with the surgeons at Designer Body to get new breast implants and liposculpture (a procedure for removing fatty deposits and contouring areas of the body).

“I am a woman that always knows what I want. I do love myself but I always want to be the best version of myself. So after contemplating surgery for months, I finally plucked up the courage to do it. I would like to thank @DesignerBodys for offering me the position of being their AMBASSADOR.” Sher wrote

Sher also revealed that it has now been five weeks since she went under the knife and she is very happy about the results.

“I am now 5 weeks post Opp and very happy with my results, and you guys know I have a very high self esteem. Sitting and eating, with the type of job I do, the fat was eventually developing in different areas. she said.”

“I am in love with my new pair of breasts and my liposculpture. Even though there has been rumours of me having surgery in the past this is my first time. I am not one of those people that do surgery and then deny doing it. So to all my fans I am sharing my wonderful experience @designerbodys, New pictures coming soooooon. I am a public figure so you know I always have to keep it real with you guys.” She said

Weh badmind people ago say now #DhqSher 💯

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Not mine business ms Dhq

face full a makeup like a dead dem a fix up

dem gyal yah nowaays fool yuh fuck..

If your Happy with your choice bless up yourself same way pretty girl

Just because d photos leaked she decide to speak out. Oh please this is not sher’s first surgery. She did he breast n all tht Shit before nowa her body n her money shi do what ever she wants so a mean‍♀️