Did Alkaline Diss Bolt & Kartel in New Song ‘CHAMPION BOY”

Dancehall Enigma Alkaline has released a new single in what sources are saying is a Usain Bolt and Vybz Kartel diss track.

The single “Champion” or “Champion Boy” is slated to for an official release later this week and was produced byYellow Moon Records.

The new track comes days after the World’s fastest man took subliminal shotsat the “ATM” deejay during his Disc jockset as “Dj Usain” at the recently staged Uptown Mondays anniversary.

“One likkle youth a try imitate the Gaza youth, mi nah call nuh name … three blind mice, three blind mice. All when him incarcerate and a easy himself. When the boss come a road, hear mi a seh? I will be downtown for the Gaza Boss, hear mi seh,” Bolt belted over the microphone.

Sources said that Alkaline felt offended after Bolt’s statements.


“Right now the boss (Alkaline) nuh have time fi dem eno, but him did feel a way bout the bolt thing cuz him rate him, but the general busy being at the top of the game suh new chune affi drop, cuz if the track boy (Usain Bolt) feel him can style him and it gonna end like that him wrong.”

“Alka nuh have time fi address nothing online, a music him thing deh, so him just guh studio and voice a new track” Sources added

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