Did Popcaan Diss Vybz Kartel again?… “Sum ppl feel like dem f_ckin mek yo”

People have started to wonder if Popcaan is really disrespecting Vybz Kartel when he makes certain posts on Social media. And states that he is the #unrulyboss and that he was not made by anyone else but God. Popcaan who was heard saying he didn’t trust Vybz Kartel from as far back as 2015, recently had an alcohol induced rant on social media. 
A video was recently posted on social media and he told his fans that they should not listen to haters. But Wiz Khalifa responded like this Popcaan aka Poptart says he gave Drake a hand job. 

But Popcaan wrote a lot of curse words as he continued his rant , he said “Pu***them them tell you that can’t make it in life, but fu******that”. “The whole of we have to make it in like dog. Some people act like them make you, but them don’t fu**** make you.
And fans are now believe that he is talking about Vybz Kartel as he was his former mentor. 

Popcaan made his statement even more forceful when he added this part. #whaaa them don’t make me, God himself make me . “You think you made me?” Because you gave me some highlights, I’m the #unrulyboss, #unruly me say #tr8 I’m frass… And ??? #wickedmanting.  But fans remember the song they did “Weh yu get da Clarkes de Dady” and this is one of the comments they wrote “Is this fool Poppy trying to diss World Boss
But not very long ago Popcaan had broken his silence after it was noticed that he didn’t go to visit Vybz Kartel in lock up. He had said “He had remained loyal to Portmore Empire until the label was dissolved. But now he is not a part of the newly formed crew that includes Tommy Lee and Gaza Slim. It seems as though he has problems with Elvis Redwood who is the head Unique Records. Added to that there has been a diss track from Tommy Lee and Vybz Kartel , it is called “Informa”

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