Ding Dong talks Bogle anniversary+ father’s murder & reviving dancing twice since Bogle’s death

New Listen as Jamaican enetertainer Ding Dong talks about his own life, father’s murder, reviving dancing twice since Bogle’s death, criticism dancers fight ladies for video light and being the number 1 dancer. This chapter lands on the 12th anniversary of Bogle’s passing.

Ding Dong tells his story from picking up empty bottles in local street dances as a kid for school shoes to this generations leading dancer of Ravers Clavers and prominent deejay. Dancehall really is his everything.

In the beginning of this chapter, Ding Dong (born Kemar Ottey) talks about his tough upbringing in Nannyville Gardens, Kingston, how his father’s murder shaped his life, and why garrison’s need dancehall and street dances.

On 20th January 2005, Bogle, the king of Jamaican dancing, was killed at a petrol station after a party. Today marks 12 years since his passing. Ding Dong’s main inspiration was Father Bogle. “Bogle was my Michael Jackson and James Brown”, he says. Ding Dong shared classic Bogle stories like first meeting, taking Bogle’s spotlight at famous Asylum nightclub and a classic Bogle reaction from that night.

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