Dj Frass’s Upcoming Album “Road To Success” Gets Huge Endorsement From DJ Khaled

Dancehall producer Dj Frass who is currently working on his Album has gotten a huge endorsement from international producer and radio personality Dj Khaled.

Yesterday Dj Frass took to his official Instagram page and posted a video with the “We The Best” singer giving the album (Road To Success) a huge S/O.

“I can’t wait for the world to hear this album ,bless up every one who supported me ova the years, trust me this album ain’t no joke 🔥🔥🔥🔥#roadtosuccess #djfrassrecords @djkhaled bless up” he captioned.

Djfrass also promises that the album is going to be epic.

“This is going to be epic trust me” he wrote alongside the official cover art of the album.

This is going to be epic trust me

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This is not a joke #roadtosuccess @manhimselff voicing right now , this album is going to be epic trust me

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Alkaline had one of the biggest reggae albums last year which was produced by Dj Frass, With debut LP New Level Unlocked peaking at number one on the Billboard reggae album chart.

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Akaline really shuffle the deck wicked king of spade, king of hearts, king of diamonds, king of clubs, king of the fcking Music Industry ✔️

The king a dancehall



Akaline aguh mek unu nyam all dem badmind talk yah…. wah the yute duh society