Don André says… Gage copied “Evil Again” song

UK-based dancehall artiste Don André has ignited a feud with Gage, claiming that the Throat deejay copied his song Evil Again. According to the former member of Tommy Lee’s Sparta camp, his song was released first and he has proof.

“I released the song on the 19th of January, via Crush Road on YouTube, then couple days after, in fact the 22nd of the same month, Gage released a song, also called Evil Again, which mirrored the lyrics of my song,” he said.

The artiste said his team approached Gage about the song. However, Gage decided to go on Instagram and rant and even called him (Don André) a copycat. The artiste has since released a diss song aimed at Gage called Walking Dead.

“The reason why I decided to diss him is because he made a statement saying I am a nobody and I am just looking a hype. Him nuh badda dan me and I find it so strange for somebody like Gage to be calling me a wannabe, when he hasn’t got his own identity. He is nothing but a merge of Vybz Kartel and Tommy Lee. Gage cannot clash me lyrically and he is not a better artiste than Don André … self praise is no recommendation, but on this basis, I will definitely give myself some praises,” he said. “If yu feel yu bad just answer the tune, a wey yu duh, scared? Yu sey yu a walking gun, but you are just a walking tongue because a pure chat yu a chat. Don’t be a chicken, have some courage. You are always dropping shots at artistes, so now when you are on the receiving end, don’t run away.”

Gage was unavailable for comment. However, a message shared from his Instagram account regarding the issue shows that he does not intend to entertain a lyrical battle.

“Tell that ni@@a I voice that song from last year and gave it to a producer, I did not even know he would put it out. Tell this wannabe I only go on YouTube to check my stuff and see what World Boss have new. I don’t even know this ni@@a, tell him he won’t get the time of the day to get a hype. Their levels can’t cross the barrier,” read the post.

Don André recently charted in Costa Rica with an effort called Needle Eye.

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