Downsound Records ordered to pay close to $15m in copyright suit

Reports in today’s newspaper, The Jamaica Star, are that Downsound Records Producer, Cordell Scatta Burrell and Downsound Boss Joe Bagdonovich, have been ordered to pay close to $15m in damage for the use of the rhythm on Specialist’s 2011 hit single ‘Street Hustle”.

The multi million dollar award comes after a breach of copyright suit was filed against them by music producer Andre “Rookie” Tyrell, who claims that he was not compensated after substantial parts of his ”Superstar Rhythm”, was used on the song, as well as for a major advertising campaign.

Skatta and Downsound Records have reportedly been ordered by a High Court Judge to pay Tyrell $9.5 million for statutory damages under the copyright act, $2.5 million for breach of moral rights and US $15,000 for general or compensatory damages.

Tyrell stated in court documents that in 2011, Downsound Records created a beat named the “Street Hustle” rhythm, which he says was a reproduction or adaptation and or derivative work of the whole or substantial part of his ‘Superstar Rhythm.

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