Dr Love Defends Ishawna Equal Rights | Says Dancehall Artiste ‘EAT”[Video]

Dr Love Defends Ishawna for her Equal Rights single (show me what that tongue can do, Ed Sheeran Shape of you Remix), Saying that many Dancehall Artiste ‘EAT”, including Kiprich, Mr Vegas, Foota Hype and Ninjaman.

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wat up brother

One by one they coming out the closet, seems like Ishawna legalise it.

Lol dwl wooiiee mi womb yah suh sweet draw dem out ishawna

But di way how this bredda yah talk alone, show seh him #Scaly….
Man nuh soun like him straight !!!
how Ishawna shub out di Freaks and di Fish dem suh!!!!