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He’s not even work he will get money one day which day u worthless open nose old fart it’s her last 17 dollars let her enjoy it she work hard for it find a damn job

Me no waan laugh but it sound funny…can you imaging how people can make you look like you at fault…why they are the big cruff..da bouy deh no easy at all….go look a job leach..lol..bout one day you’ll get some money…

That’s what happen when ur not a provider and is just a fuck boy

When i start watching the video im like how can i slap this chick from here???? But then she said its her money .she working hard doe it . THE ONLY PERSON WHO NEED A SLAP IS HIM he dont have a FUCKING Job?‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️ and still want to tell the… Read more »

Girl let him get the fuck up out your face you working