Aspiring international star, Dudsymil looks to build off the continuing buzz from his craftily-done remake of Rihanna’s Stay as he has now released imaginatively compelling visuals for his hit single, Go Away, that are sure to garner the interests of music lovers worldwide. The video for Go Away, shot by Cashflow Record’s Xtreme Arts imprint plays perfectly to Dudsymil’s message, which details how some women use men for any personal gain, choosing to pounce on a man’s financial investments instead of investing in her own self-worth. Shot in Kingston, Jamaica, this video shows Dudsymil in his finest element as he delivers a soulful performance and showcases his pose and singing range while relaying a theme many people can relate to. Speaking with Dudsymil, he says the motivation and concept for this video came from instances involving friends and loved ones. “Mi see situations like these happen often to people around me,” he said. “Yuh have some woman dat a jus’ some real user, not necessarily jus’ fi money, but fi some a di simplest things in life, like phone credit. This video and song a spread the message that we nah put up with the using and abusing; telling these girls to just GO AWAY, that we tired a dem ways. ” The video highlights a lady who uses her beauty and seemingly innocent persona to dupe the men she comes across in daily life, showing how, as Dudsymil says, some of “dem nowadays gal yah too cold.” As the story unfolds, she continuously seduces her lover in exchange for material things until her vain ways finally catch up with her as he grows tired of her actions and throws her out of his house. The imagery showcased in Go Away will further connect with people who have dealt with such issues and draw Dudsymil closer to the international fan base he hopes to attract. Go Away has proved to be one of Dudsymil’s most popular songs as it has garnered buzz across YouTube (over 2,500 views to date) and social media circles while earning him airplay through ZJ Bambino’s morning radio show on ZIP FM (Jamaica), Apollo Dan on In2Beats 106.5 FM in England and DJ Wiz via CHRY 105.5 FM in Toronto. The video is sure to a convincing element to Dudsymil’s message in this counteraction to Rihanna’s chart topping hit as it showcases his strong singing exploits and ability to connect with people who have experienced what Go Away speaks about. In the meantime, Dudsymil is also promoting his newly-released pop-flavoured collaboration with Reggae star, Turbulence called Happy Tonight, which has already racked up over 2,500 views on YouTube since its release in mid-June. DUDSYMIL - GO AWAY yardhype An unofficial remix of Rihanna’s chart-topping hit single, ‘Stay.’ Video directed by Cashflow Xtreme Arts. DUDSYMIL – GO AWAY

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