‘Duppy Film’ Was living The Life Days Before His Death

Duppy Film’s last night was spent in a beachside guest house in Port Morant, St Thomas, according to reports.

Duppy Film, whose given name is Marlon Perry, reportedly occupied an air-conditioned room at the guest house and had a big-screen television for his entertainment. He had been on the run since 2009

The police report that they were acting based on intelligence when they went to the beachside property on Sunday where a shoot-out ensued. Duppy Film was shot on the ground floor of the two-storey building and four guns recovered.

The cops said it appears Duppy Film had just eaten a meal of fish when he was surprised by them. It is believed that two of his ‘soldiers’ ran from the scene while Duppy Film, who was wearing a bulletproof vest, went down guns blazing.

Investigators revealed that one of the weapons is believed to be the licensed firearm of a St Thomas businessman who owns the property where Perry was staying. The businessman is also currently being investigated.

“Perry was wearing a camouflage top, not the newer type and yes we recovered a bulletproof vest from him,” Head of St Thomas police division Superintendent Beau Rigabie, told the Star.

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All a the obeah u work a st Thomas couldn’t save u youth psalms 127 say except the Lord build the house u build it in vain.

Dat a live life ina room with big tv…. SmfH.. MI TINK DEM WOULDA SEH BEFORE HIM DEAD HIM AN CARDI B A PARTY…… KMT

You likkl owl vampire how much family you lef a suffer you know jcf is the vampire hunter now you is a dead vampire

Duppy film turn out to be duppy photo live by the gun die by the gun a nuh same time leaf go a water bottom it rotten how long u think u would last far? Good job officers

Jesus Navas
Jesus Navas
Jah know mi always a pree him story in the papers, on the internet, radio and news… A long time him a hold dem still di dawg a real killa nah lie.. S. I. P youth… It did kinda overdue still… I nominate the X6 driver who kill the KC… Read more »