DWL: Ninja Man Upset, Says Lisa Hanna Or Richie Stephens “Stole” His Bananas [Video]

Ninja Man accused Lisa Hannan and Richie Stephens of sending secret agents to steal his bananas.

A little over a week ago Lisa Hanna sent a stern warning to Ninja Man reminding him of her black belt. This after the veteran deejay bragged about his bananas and threatened to break into Hanna’s home and steal her callaloo.


Please Note: This is nothing serious pure entertainment.

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Man a thief man banana round ere, a wah really a gwaan?

Ninja man is obviously bored

Lee Hibbert

Dwl, a di black belt a deal with you so. You have to do something about it.

His face look upset
Mi wan famous like ninja man
Mi wan big like buju banton