Dydy Breaks Down “I Mentally Can’t Take It Anymore” [Video]

Social media personality turn recording artiste Badgyal DyDy had a broke down in tears during her a recent Instagram live session.

The “2 Can” singer could be heard saying that individuals are coming at her with a wide range of negatives and she plans to delete herself from social media.


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Kmt neven know wah some a unu a laugh fah smh it wasnt even funny….. The girl seh someone very close to her is dying from fcking cancer and shes now having a breakdowm whats funny about that now mi c y she a talk bout the haters cause y’all… Read more »

Ppl b careful , remember 2day fi u 2marrow fi mi,suh all a dem mean post deh weh uno a post mek sure when fi uno time come uno can handle it

And for those who say why she use this to come break down…remember this is where she got her fame…this is where she thought she would get support and understanding …this where she would get encouragement to continue…sigh smh

Mi shed a tear but mi still nuh like r

Real ting I try to like her but everything she trace for and eat up people.