Ecips Promoter Threatens Alkaline’s US Visa For Not Performing At The Event

Promoter of the failed Ecips Music Festival Suda Joy have threatened dancehall artiste Alkaline US Visa.

Alkaline and several other big name artistes including Akon, Remy Ma, Elephant Man that was booked for the event which was held on August 20, did not perform at the show.

On the day of the event, Alkaline uploaded a video to his Instagram informing fans that he will not perform at the event due to circumstances beyond his control.

In a phone interview with Irish & Chin recently, Suda’s exact words were “I will block Alkaline from performing until he gives me a free show”

According to Suda Joy, she paid him US$45,000 back in July which left a remaining unpaid balance of US $37,500. The remaining balance was supposedly wired approximately 48hrs prior to his performance. She, however, claimed that Alkaline refused to perform and instead management asked for the balance in raw cash the day of his performance, or else he wouldn’t perform.

“I am very good with pen and paper so he needs to give the people a free show before December,” She said

She went further to state that if he does not give her a free show before December she will seek an injunction on his US Visa.

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Gun got nothing to do with a US visa , belongs to the federal government, if they every go that route, he will never see the US again.. that’s the reason you sign contract and counter contract.. then the court will deal with it ..

If you know anything about the business, she can file an injunction on is Visa , and he cannot perform until the U S courts settled it . Even if she is wrong … I was in that business for 20 years.

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