Elephant Man, Shabba and Patra To Perform @ The #BET #Awards On June 30 2013

In the early 2000s, dancehall artiste Elephant Man found some international success. Well the deejay is going to get some international attention again as he will perform at Sunday’s BET Awards in Los Angeles, United States of America.

Speaking with THE STAR from his hotel in LA yesterday, Elephant Man said he got a call from BET recently requesting him to perform on the show.

“Dem call and seh dem want Elephant Man to perform on BET Awards because dem have Shabba and Patra on the show. They are the ones who requested Elephant Man,” he told THE STAR.

international success

Elephant Man enjoyed Billboard success in 2007 with Whine Up featuring Kat DeLuna that peaked at number 29 on Billboard Hot 100 chart. Prior to that he went on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2003 with Pon Di River and Jook Gal in 2004 which peaked at 86 and 57, respectively.

Despite enjoying international success in the past, Elephant Man was extremely excited about this new development.

“You have to feel good fi know seh BET Awards a request Elephant Man as part of them show. We just have to give God thanks, it feels great. You have a million artistes they can call, but them call Ele. Dem see seh nutten nuh change, the same energy, the hits still making,” he told THE STAR.

Elephant Man says he is also confident that BET did its research and that is why he was selected.

“Sometimes you can’t watch who hot in Jamaica and who is not, you just have to do your thing. You just have to stay current, the songs are there, the videos are there,” he said.

new listeners

He also said this experience reminds him of when he was enjoying the fruits of Pon Di River.

“This remind me of when mi just do the crossover. It just show seh nutten nuh change inna music. When time like this come round, yuh haffi just ready back,” he said.

And with many international acts going to be in his midst, Elephant Man says the opportunities are endless.

“Whole a di big stars deh ya, whole heap of opportunities. Everybody in the same hotel, everybody saying collabs,” he said.

When the show is actually aired at 7 p.m. (Jamaica time), he said he might be exposed to new listeners and viewers.

But this performance is not just about Elephant Man, as he believes it can do a lot for dancehall and reggae.

“It is going to do a lot because this is BET requesting these artistes to perform. Next thing you can look for is it on MTV and American Music Awards,” he said, noting that he has upcoming shows in Canada, Europe and Africa planned.

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