Entertainers Looking To Invest In ‘Big Money’ Marijuana Business

Whilst the Jamaican government continues to drag their feet in the legalization of marijuana locally for mass production and sale, some entertainers now looking to the US to capitalize on this business ventures.

In the last couple of months, at least four entertainers have taken that route; Damian ‘Jr Gong’ Marley, Morgan Heritage, Julian Marley and Raging Fyah.

According to reports from The Star, Julian Marley had expressed a desire to get involved in the marijuana locally. However, Jamaica has been slow to in setting up a medical marijuana industry.

Earlier this year, three applicants for permits to cultivate and process marijuana was granted conditional approval by the Cannabis Licensing Authority (CLA).

Two small cultivators for less than an acre of land and a third for a small processing facility received conditional approval in early January.This came roughly nine months after the passing of regulations to facilitate the cultivation of marijuana for medicinal, scientific, and therapeutic purposes.

According to dancehall artiste, Gage the quality of Jamaica’s marijuana is of good quality, however, the government is not handling the business side of it well. He also lamented that Jamaica will be shut out of the market as it is already too late to catch up with the front runners in this potentially billion dollar industry.

Veteran dancehall artiste Ninja Man also echoed similar sentiments saying the government fight the things to make Jamaica better such as reggae music and marijuana but “promote alcohol, which kills the brain cells,” he said.

However, speaking to the Star, former State Minister for Tourism and Entertainment, Damian Crawford, says that the Government is faced with several hurdles in the legalization process of marijuana which includes the ganja-for-gun trade, as well as the fact that the country is not allowed to export the product due to international export laws.

In the meantime, Damian Crawford encouraged entertainers to continue investing in US-based marijuana companies.

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