Entertainers want Vybz Kartel freed!… After not Guilty X6 TRIAL

“Free Vybz Kartel,” is the slogan on the lips of many Jamaicans as they express outrage of partiality within in the Jamaican Judicial system. This following the acquittal of business man Patrick Powell for the 2011 shooting death of 17-year-old Kingston College (K.C) student Khajeel Mais.

According to one social media user, “When classism, capitalism and a degraded Judicial system collides-this is the result. Hats off to all those involved in this case. Remind me never to get shot/killed by a Jamaican”.

Some entertainers in the music industry have expressed their dissatisfaction on the business man acquittal.

“It’s two set of rules one governs the rich and one governs the poor,” Demarco’s producer Tiyarro Drake told The STAR.

“I just want people to understand that same like how police shoot black people and get away with it overseas, we are not far from that type of thing out here where bias is concerned between the upper and the lower class,” Drake said.

“It is funny how they found so much evidence and this and that to convict Vybz Kartel, yet they couldn’t even get this man to hand over his firearm for testing. Trust me, it’s not a good look, and God nah sleep. Free World Boss,” the producer said.

“All I can say is free Vybz Kartel”. Record producer Skatta Burrel wrote on Instagram.

Mastero Don a former Kingston college student/recording artiste and friend of Khajeel Mais told the star. “He was a jovial person. We were in the same year group so it’s sad for me and sensitive because I feel like it could have been me or anybody in a taxi. This makes me question if the law is fair to every Jamaican, and it force me to wonder if it was just a case where they wanted to make an example out of Vybz Kartel … like mi haffi get rid of da bredda ya. Right now, I don’t think it was a fair trial,” he said.

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