ER: Barrington Levy says Alkaline uses too much Auto-tune… VYBZ KARTEL, Charly Black, MASSICA, ALKALINE, BOOM BOOM [Video]

Watch last friday’s episode of entertainment report with VYBZ KARTEL, MASSICA, ALKALINE, BARRINGTON LEVY, BOOM BOOM “Alkaline Sings With Too Much Auto Tune Says Barrington Levy”

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Ofcourse a his real voice…kartel no use auto chune ute and if him come on stage rn fi sing it sound the same best believe kartel a sing loong b4 auto chune go listen..I’ll never love another girl…and ull see

Who dark like stinking kartel fans dat feel dem fi deh everywhere alkaline name call

Anthony fi stop ask the man them bout alkaline in a him interviews them man bbc mek it look like a di man dem get a check fkry bout alka.smh

Yeah auto tune buck but it can’t affect alka
Him Mek show have 5 flow weh him Nah fi use auto tune
Evident Inna 12pm

Suck you mada #nyamington levy. Vendetta