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D first thing as yuh put yuh foot pon d road a man a come up to yuh pretty girl yuh know mi wudda eat yuh pussy kmt move unuh pussyclaat an low d woman weh she a say a nuh lie unuh wah hear bout hood a go dun… Read more »

Can stay deh chat fuckry a money Ishawna want and a it equal rights and justice a gi ar.

Woman suppose to love ishawna,because a we she rep for so I don’t know y some a them a act like saint an go see the face when the man head deh between them legs ishawna big up Yuh damn self because u truth ago always hurt the one who… Read more »

I really don’t think 96% of our men do that because we have some men who would never think of doing that a must because she have sex wid 96 percent of the man them Ishawna could never be a role model for me she’s a no no but

I know why I agree with ishawna