Etana now a US citizen and plans to vote for Trump

Since Etana declared that she is a strong supporter of Donald Trump, she has been loosing a lot of her fans. Her statement caused a big uproar among many of her Jamaican fans who live in the US.

During the interview she did with Anthony Miller on the program, Entertainment Report on Friday. Etana even gave her reasons for making her choice. She said she liked the way Trump get’s straight to the point, when he speaks about issues and she thinks he is not prejudice, because he employs people from all the different ethnic backgrounds, added to that his wife is not an American.

Anthony Miller then asked her about the statements Trump has made while campaigning. Saying Mexicans are rapists and drug dealers. But Etana says it is time for Americans to think more about their security, and start taking more precautions, that is why she likes Trump.  As he talks about keeping foreigners out of America, and she thinks it is good for the security of the country.

It is clear that Etana is all caught up with American politics as she even spoke about her reasons for not living in Jamaica. No matter what she says she will always be a Jamaican and it would be good for her to do more to lift up her own country, because who knows if Mr. Trump will want to have her in his country if he wins the election. Life is not much better in some places in America either, so maybe next time Etana will think long and hard before she speaks.

She is now saying that she loves Jamaica, but she doesn’t like the poverty and terrible living conditions. But she said nothing about what happens when decent Jamaicans keep moving to America and other places, so that the criminals are left behind to grow their empire, and what does she expect to happen. I think actions speak louder than words, and Etana’s way of showing her love for her country, is not looking good right now.

But she is free to do what she wants to do and she says nothing will change her mind. She will be living in America and supporting Trump.

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