In recent years there have been a decrease in events, which showcase the artistic talent and creativity of our entertainers. We have been bombarded with events featuring 15- 20 artistes all to perform and showcase their talent within five hours. Therefore, we at D’Events Communication and Destine Media question; How will an artiste fanbase grow? How will the fans get to know the true talent and creativity of the artist performing before them? How can an artist really shine on a stage in 5-10 minutes?
D’Events Communications is a fast rising corporate communications company in Jamaica, who’s main services are public relations, marketing and fashion coordination among a host of other services. D’Events Communications services have been offered to local and international brands such as Caribbean Airlines, The Voice Box, Lady Rennae, Ishawna,Chekkazz Dancers, Jamaica Body Building and Fitness Association, Intuit Concepts , Dujour Transform, Candice Clarke Academy of Dance, Romero Bryan, Grandeur Male ,Spokes Apparel , Lawman Lynch Foundation, Diana King and others

Destine Media a boutique Media Management Company based in New York City currently representing two of Jamaica’s fastest rising dancehall and reggae artist; Anthony B and Konshens; has together with D’Events Communications decided to start an event titled “One Mic, One MoveMent”

During this event the performer will be allotted anywhere from 20 minutes to 1hr of stage performance time accompanied by an acoustic set. We decided to strip the band down from 5 or 7 instruments to 2 or 3 instruments. Reason being is music is pure, and the talent and creativity of an artist shines so much more with less. The performer will take the time out to create a special set performance knowing he has only one acoustic guitarist and a kete drum or maybe a piano accompanied by two back up singers. This will resignate with the audience as not only something different, but also an opportunity to see his or her artiste/performer with less “frills” stripped of all the extra “stuff”.

This is not only a great platform for the performer to shine, but is also a great platform for the audience ask questions and get to know what were some of the inspirations behind the performers career and journey.

One Mic, One MoveMent is an event currently like no other.The environment is a learning art space that is conducive to the art of music and the enjoyment of music.

‘It will be an experience like no other” says One Mic Director Kemar Daswell of D’Events Communications

We are so excited to be approaching season 3 of this event and look forward to your support when the time comes. Acts such as Christopher Matin, Delus, Ikaya, Teflon, COLAS, Anthony B, GWhizz, Kedia, Romain Virgo, Kabaka Pyramid, Etana and other have all been apart of the movement in season one and two both in Jamaica and New York City where the event takes place

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