Fans don’t like Dexta Daps 7 Eleven Music Video

Though his song ‘7 Eleven’ was a sure hit, the official music video for the popular Dexta Daps track, according to fans, is a definite miss.

YouTube viewers voiced their disappointments with the video stating that for the hot track the song was, they expected a lot more from the video.

One user said: “Love d song, but d concept of d video is a big letdown, I expected a better video”, while another said: “This song is a hit, the video is a miss. The video is total crap for a big hit song.”

Fans especially had a problem with the concept behind the video because, to them, it changed the meaning of the song. One user said she thought the song was a story of love prevailing despite people spreading rumours, but the video revealed that the things people were saying were actually true.

“Well, with the video concept, I guess Natalee was right. I always thought Natalee and di man dem a watch her (him woman), but bringing false news because dem jealous. #boywasIwrongbasedonthevideo,” she said.

Others agreed. “The video is totally different from what most people get from the song. Never think the woman was really taking so many men. Thought it was just hear seh and carry news,” another posted.

The video was also posted to the artiste’s Facebook page where his fans again voiced their disappointment. The official 7 Eleven music video was released via Daps’ YouTube channel on Tuesday and since then the video has only managed to rack up just over 3,000 views. The song was produced by Troyton Music on The Intoxxicated rhythm and the video was directed and edited by Robin Chin.

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